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Construction & Civil Services

Red Soil Constructions skills, expertise, professionalism, quality systems and processes, and outstanding record in safety and environment compliance ensure confidence in the successful delivery of client projects.

Our value enhancement for clients is that we develop solutions to their construction requirements, while utilising our extensive expertise to offer options that clients may not have even thought of.

As part of the company’s professional service objectives, Red Soil Constructions is committed to not only providing excellent construction services, but an end product that is skilfully designed and minimises future maintenance. This assists in reducing long term costs for clients and protecting infrastructure assets into the distant future.

Our construction and civil services include:

  • craneNew construction, Maintenance, Repairs & Retrofits

  • Accommodation Construction

  • Transportable Buildings

  • All Trade Services

  • Security & Ergon Energy Fencing

  • Custom Designed Sheds

    • Engineered to any specifications

    • Delivery

    • Construction

  • Safety PPE gearChemical Bunded Areas and Corrosion Resistant Applications

  • Shelter Station Decommissioning and Construction

  • Mine Operations Maintenance & Expansion

  • Lay Down Areas

  • Vehicle Guide Rails

  • All components of Civil Construction, including Earthworks