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RedSoilvehicleEnvironmental Care

Red Soil Constructions strives to continually improve its business performance and to conduct its operations in the most environmentally responsible manner.

RSC is committed to compliance with the relevant legislative and statutory requirements applicable to each area of our operations and has adopted ISO 14001 as our minimum standard to ensure a planned and systematic approach to responsible environmental management.

RSC is committed to:

  • Manage our diverse activities to prevent or minimise pollution, air, water, land, flora, fauna and cultural and heritage values
  • Strive to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste generation in our operations and through the life cycle of products
  • Investigate and implement mutually beneficial programs of environmental management with governments, external stakeholders and customers
  • Respond to the environmental concerns of our customers and the communities in which we operate
  • Regularly assess and report on our environmental performance and the effectiveness of our environmental management systems.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through setting measurable objectives and targets.
  • Ensure our employees, suppliers and contractors are aware of and able to respond to their environmental responsibilities (including duty of care), through consultation and communication and training opportunities
  • Proactively identify environmental hazards, assess their impact and implement controls
  • As a minimum comply with relevant legal and other requirements.
  • Ensure that we have the resources and skills necessary to achieve our environmental commitments.

This policy will be reviewed every two years as part of the management system review. This Policy statement shall be prominently displayed at all company worksites and is endorsed by myself as the authorised representative of RSC.